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Our Story

Horizon 77 is a lifestyle brand centered around you, our customer. We are here to support you in every way possible and give you the best products for now and in years to come. Our community of free spirits upholds acceptance by reminding you that your own path is your unique gift. Explore your own identity and purpose, embrace change and risk, question tradition, surround yourself with passionate people who inspire and support you in your growth.

Here at our website you can purchase products with confidence and satisfaction, knowing that we’ll take care of you in the best way we can.
We aim to provide a world-class shopping experience that is both functional and inspirational. Horizon 77 was built with the shopper in mind.

Our goal is to curate high quality, rare and hard-to-find items that we think are cool and want to share with our customers. Horizon 77 takes pride in offering the best customer service available

The most important thing to us is our customers. That's why we never cut corners, and why all our products and services are delivered on a very high level of quality. You won't have to worry about a thing when you choose Horizon 77.

In short, Horizon 77 is an online destination. Our goal is to curate beautiful products & make shopping for them fun, and take care of our customers in the best way there is. We’re not a discount store, this means everything we sell is either exclusive or hard to find. While still defining ourselves among the new breed of lifestyle eCommerce businesses (we’re seeing a lot of flash-in-the-pan brands) we do feel that we do stand apart by focusing on high quality products & curation first, and deliver it to you in a unforgettable beautiful experience. 😊

To Our Customer

We are one big family at Horizon 77. For us, clients come first because they’re not just customers, but friends and family that we enjoy working with.

Our expertise in the satisfaction of our customers is unmatched. Customer service is our #1 priority, we strive to deliver our services & products on a very high level of professionalism and quality. If you have issues ordering or after ordering, or any question, we're always available to help!

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