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Bedside | Lounge Lamp

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A Real Treat for Gun Lovers
Add A Unique Character to Any Style of Bedroom, Living Room, Office, or Den!

A Tribute to Uncle Freedom

The gun lamp is a tribute to the spirit of freedom. There's something for every fan of modern art, industrial design, and plain style to enjoy in this design. Hold on to your freedom of expression with the bedside gun lamp. Paying tribute to the spirit of courage, individuality, and self-expression, this military-inspired lamp is made of premium-grade resin and an aluminum base. It's an artistic addition that will brighten your home.

Imagine how handy this bedside lamp would be in case you feel anxious about going to sleep. Simply pull the trigger and shoot the gun at your fears before drifting off to dreamland!

The Greatest Piece for Gun Fanatics

A real treat for gun lovers. Having a gun-shaped bedside lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing to its owners but can also stimulate conversation among new friends. Made of high-quality resin and finished with finish-resistant paint for maximum durability, this gun lamp will bring joy to your eyes every time you light it up.

Sleek and bold, there’s no better decor piece than this petite bedside lamp. Its sleek finish design is a lovely addition to any nightstand.

It’s a conversation piece. With its quirky design and bright warm light, this piece is sure to make a great addition to any dreary bedroom.

"Tired of watching violent news? Get the love, comfort, and security of a gun without the deaths or politics (or bullets). The Family Bedside Pistol."
- Leon A.

The Greatest Life Addition for Gun Fanatics

It gives a warm light, great for reading in bed, and it even has a button switch which makes it easy to turn off without needing to get out of bed. It comes in silver or gold finishes, so you can choose the perfect one for you. No matter whether you are a hunting enthusiast or just a fan of the wild west, this gun-shaped bedside lamp will lighten up all your evenings.

"What's the most 'Murica thing you can have in your bedroom? A gun-shaped lamp."
- Mark L.

For The Love of Guns

This lamp will charm you with its innocent looks and touch of the wild. It is perfect for lighting up your corner of the world—with a touch of mild-mannered style. Waking up in the middle of the night can be hard, but with this lamp, you’ll look forward to returning to bed again.

The lamp will win your home with its playful demeanor and iconic style. Instantly feel better when you wake up in the middle of the night. You’ll smile every time you walk past your bedside table and see the delightful lamp casting a warm glow.

The Best Part? No bullets are Included!

Our AK-47 Lamp makes a statement! Looking like a vintage military gun, a perfect conversation piece, our lamp is the next addition you need to complete your home!

This modern lounge lamp features a detailed replica of an AK47 assault rifle in an all-out urban setting. With a gold or silver finish, you're sure to impress your guests.

Looking for Something More?

Turn your inner caveman loose with the M16 Lounge Lamp, a unique lamp in the shape of the infamous M16 AR. This light will turn your cave into a place fit for a king. Made of resin, it is safe and easy to clean.

A new approach to home lighting, this unique piece is the ultimate décor item for gun enthusiasts, making a bold statement in your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does it come with a light bulb?

A: Light bulbs are bought separately, the package arrives without a light bulb.

Q: What plug type are the cable of the lamps?

A: The lamps come with an EU plug.

Q: How can I turn it on or off?

A: There's a button switch for turning the light on/off.

Q: What materials is it made from?

A: The body is made from premium-grade resin, the top is mesh and PVC, and the base is aluminum.

Q: What are the sizes for the lamps?


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