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Whitening & Exfoliating Foot Mask - Baby Soft Feet in 7 days!

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Why You Need Exfoliating Foot Mask?

Removes Dead Skin From Your Feet In 7 Days
Foot Moisturizing Replenishment 
Cure Calluses, Chapped Skin, Desquamative Skin
Bring Back Soft Baby Skin Again!


Are You Facing Multiple Problems In Your Feet?

Due to walk, stand, exercise and high heels shoes, your foot skin looks and feels dead, cuticle which causes many issues like dryness, cracked heels, calluses and much more. Do you want your foot feel young again?

You must act now if:

 You can feel your foot dry and rough
 You feel calluses under your foot fingers
 You can feel and see chapped skin
 You can see the cracks on your foot

Say goodbye 👋🏼 to ugly feet for good.

Premium Foot Mask™: Makes Your Foot Look Young Again

Get silky, smooth feet with our Exfoliating Foot Mask. The foot mask set comes with one pair of sheet socks that will help detox your feet, peeling away dead and hardened skin. You'll notice your feet feel smooth, soft, and brand new within just a few days

 Exfoliating Foot Mask™ Advantages :

✅ Brings Back Your Soft Foot Heels
 Moisturizing Skin
 Cure The Calluses
✅ Goodbye To Ugly Feet


Features & How To Use It ?

Features :

  • Sheet masks for feet
  • Comes with 1 pair of sheet socks
  • Designed to exfoliate and hydrate feet
  • Helps feet feel smoother and softer
  • Variety of scents to choose from

How To Use :

  1. Wash and dry feet
  2. Cut sheet socks to separate
  3. Slide both socks onto clean feet
  4. Peel tape away and wrap to close socks around ankles
  5. Leave on for 50-60 minutes
  6. Remove and go about your day
  7. Old, dead skin will gradually peel away after 5-7 days leaving softer and smoother skin

Order Yours Today And Bring Back Your Baby Soft Feet!


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