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Rolly360 - Safe Rolling Knife

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$19.97 $25.00
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This is the ultimate kitchen tool. A time and energy saver. The round sharp blade makes chopping, mincing, dicing, and slicing a breeze. With a single twist of the wrist, you can create food fit for a king or queen, or both!
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The Safe and Easy Way to Cut, Chop, Slice, and Dice!

Designed With Safety In Mind

Rolly360 slices and cuts like magic. Just push, twist, spin, and it's ready to serve your pizza, vegetables, quesadillas, or other food on the go. It conveniently corrals ingredients into a single neat serving. 

A unique versatile tool that lets you take control of your cutting experience. Easier to use and safer than a traditional knife, it's the only slicer on the market with an ergonomic handle and removable blade. Plus it comes with a child safety lock for added peace of mind.

Accidents can happen, we want to help prevent that. It's not safe to have pointy-edged objects around, especially when there are kids in the house. That's why we recommend people to ditch dangerous sharp-edged knives out of everyday work.

✅ Safety First - No More Hand Cuts!
✅ The Only Magic Knife That Pivots 360°
✅ Single-Handed Operation
✅ No More Messy Cutting Boards
✅ Safe Around Children

With Rolly360, cutting and preparing your favorite salad or food recipe is as easy and convenient as it should have always been. Making food is a fun activity after all.

The Secret Behind Rolly360's Safety

The Question:
How to design a sharp and strong tool that can cut through all types of vegetables, fruits, and food in general, with a strong emphasis on the element of safety?

The Answer
A revolutionary laser-cut circular blade embodied in a strong plastic casing with an ergonomic handle, and peace of mind knowing that accidental penetration by a sharp-edged object is impossible, and mistakes are reduced by 90%.

➡️ No Danger of Penetration by Pointy-Edges
➡️ Kitchen Mistakes Reduced by 90%
➡️ No Cutting Force Needed

While regular kitchen knives require force and energy to get the job done (that leads to dangerous accidents), Rolly360 relies on your body weight for cutting force, and your hand for a precise cut. No pressure, no wrist pain, no unnecessary cuts.

Traditional Knives vs. Rolly360

Everybody has used regular kitchen knives, they are quite unpredictable, and are not easy to control, and frankly, they are unsafe. The continuous motion of cutting creates strain and pressure, which leads to wrist and hand pain.

Rolly360 is designed to roll into food and cut evenly. It will ease the strain on your wrist and forearms. It requires no wrist movement and can be used more efficiently and with less effort. 

✅ No Pain or Discomfort
✅ More Efficient to Use
✅ Great for Arthritis Users

The blade stays in contact with the food at all times, cuts as you roll forward and backward. That's gonna prevent accidents, and save time.

"It's lightweight, it slices, it dices, and it cuts your time in half!"
- Isabella R. 

Safety and Health Come First

Our Rolly360 knife is safer and more ergonomic than traditional knives, its crescent blade design evenly distributes pressure across a wide surface area, reducing the stress on your hand that is created when holding a regular pointed blade.
Our low-profile handle can be used in multiple positions and requires little to no strength to use, making it practical and safe for everyone.

The Rolly360 is not a burden on your shoulders and joints. It maintains stability when you have heavy loads so you can focus on what you are doing rather than worry about it. Using Rolly360 won't hurt your wrist (especially if you have arthritis), and will reduce the chances of hurting yourself.

"I have arthritis and when I use the Rolly360 knife it's not challenging, it doesn't hurt my wrist."
- Liliana M. 

100% Control Over Every Slice

Rolly360 lets you make precision slices every time. It's lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It comes with a comfortable grip handle so that all the slicing power is yours. 
The Rolly360 will quickly become one of your most-used kitchen tools.

➡️ Precision Slicing
➡️ Safe to Use
➡️ Dishwasher Safe & BPA-Free
➡️ Compact & Lightweight

Rolly360 cuts a wide variety of foods, including:
✔️ Fresh produce like apples, bell peppers, and cucumbers
✔️ Cooked meals like steaks, stir-fry, and chicken pieces
✔️ Cheese, chocolate, and cakes

Allow yourself to focus on what's important—making great food. The Rolly360 handle fits in the palm of your hand, and you control the cuts. No other knife or slicer provides this level of precision.

Clean With Ease (Dishwasher Safe)

Cutting and slicing are easy with Rolly360, but so is cleaning it. Just take apart the casing and blade with caution, put them in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes and it will come out sparkling clean without getting damaged.

Enjoy This Mouth-Watering Delicious Pizza!

Bon Appétit. :)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean the inside of the handle?

A: The Rolly360 comes apart very easily. This allows you to clean the whole blade and the inside of the handle.

Q: How do I sharpen the Rolly360?

A: You can sharpen the Rolly360 as you would to any normal knife, the blade can be taken out and sharpened.

Q: Does the Rolly360 come with a blade cover?

A: Yes, it comes with a protective blade cover.

Q: Can the Rolly360 cut meat like it cuts veggies?

A: Yes, Rolly360 can slice or cube steak, chicken, or pork for fajitas and salads. It's a really great slicer of all cooked meats.

Q: Will food accumulate inside Rolly360's handle?

A: We have designed the handle to restrict food from going inside. While some food will accumulate inside the handle, a simple rinse is usually all that is required.


Please DO NOT hold the blade in your palm, either pinch it carefully with your fingers or use the included protective case to hold the blade.


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